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Jelte Lagendijk


About Me

I have been in the business, first as an all-round Webdeveloper and then a Front-end Developer, for over a decade (starting in 2010). During that time I worked for various companies. I learned a lot, tried out a variety of techniques and frameworks. Met a lot of talented people. I had one itch though. One dream...

Work for myself at one point.

I finally realized this dream in 2022 when I started my own company, CaffCode. I hear you thinking; "Jelte, what's CaffCode?" It stands for Caffeine & Coding (or if you will, the "Caffeine-induced Coder"), the two things I like the most in life. Drink coffee and write code...

What can you expect of me?

  • A pragmatic approach to your project
  • An eye for detail
  • Clear communication about expectations and delivery
  • A variety of skills to get the job done

Do you like to know more? Feel free to keep on reading or contact me.

Company info can be found here.



I like to use a variety of stacks and frameworks
Most comfortable with Typescript & React


I love all features in CSS3
I like styling frameworks that make things a bit easier, like Tailwind


I worked for Mendix from October 2015 until May 2022 as a Javascript/Front-end Developer. During that time I developed a variety of front-end components (widgets) and worked on styling projects. I am able to help you with your Front-end- & Native Mendix needs. More →


I love working with Back-end tools like Next
Experimenting with Deno

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